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The Story
What happens when a man and his oaths come into conflict? When he is pledged to remain loyal to a King, but also to the smallfolk? What happens when you put a sword in the hand of the wrong, and the righteous falter? There is only one way to find out.
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7) Carnage [107] (Level 112)
8) Kaneki [187] (Level 117)
9) Nil [220] (Level 102)
10) Guardian [101] (Level 75)
The Path
Chivalry is Dead is a free to play, text-themed role-playing game based in Medieval Europe. You may create guilds, level up, and decide between defending the weak, or extorting them for all they have. Travel to many places, gamble, mine, do whatever! The choice is yours in Chivalry is Dead.
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Last Announcement (April 22, 2019, 9:17:50 pm)
There's a new set of achievements available, but they have their own kinks. 😉
Also, there's now an inventory dump button in your inventory if you wish to just junk your items. Totally unrelated to the new achievement, btw. D;
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